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Delhi to Amritsar Distance – 464.8 km

If planning a visit to the holi temple of Sikhs, the Golden Temple, also known as Harmandar Sahib, book the cab service of Bestwaycabs. It not only ensures a comfortable journey from Delhi to Amritsar but also let you enjoy the surrounding tourist places of Amritsar.

About Delhi –

– Delhi, a political and business hub of north is well connected to the city of Amritsar by roads and railways. With a rich cultural and spiritual history, Delhi shares deepen spiritual beliefs with Amritsar. The strong historical background of this city makes it the most fascinating city of India, which has seen the rise and fall of great emperors in India.

Delhi to Amritsar –

Known for its Golden Temple, one of the most famous Indian shrines, Amritsar is the largest city of Punjab. It also connects India with Lahore, Pakistan. Not just for Sikhs, this land of Gods has given shelter to Mata Sita in the Valmiki Ashram here and given birth to Luv and Kush. Amritsar has a vast historical background that connects to all the religions of India. This is one of the reason, people across the country and world visit this city to experience the heritage. Best way cabs is one of the best and most opted cab services on the Delhi- Amritsar route as it also provide one-way travel on this route.